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Ever Bright (Zhuhai) Electronic Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a professional designer and manufacturer of transformers and inductor coils. With officecs in Hong Kong China and Dusseldorf Germany, sales office in NY USA, and the manufacturing locations  in Zhuhai and Longhui China.
We make various types of transformers and inductor coils, mainly high frequency transformers, low frequency transformers, audio transformers, and various of inductors and coils and assembled transformers. They are widely used on electronic equipment, mechanical equipment, power system, aerospace system, medical system, household appliance and communication system etc. Our products are mainly sold to North America,Europe, and other areas all over the world.

Company Video

 Fully automatic mutiple-windings taping and winding with single shaft
Fully automatic winding for toridal coils
Ever Bright originated from 1990 over 30 yeas of development, there are many opportunities for you.

Ever Bright (Zhuhai) Electronic Co., Ltd.



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